So very True - Image by Anne Taintor

So very True - Image by Anne Taintor
I would like this on my very own business cards

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to Wal-mart where we only hire people who aren't you (as in me)

I have officially hit a new low in my job quest.  I am unemployable as a greeter.  I have to admit that it is true now that I have been turned down by Wal-mart.  Yep.  I was.  I can't believe it.  I feel like a tard.  It was the same feeling I had in college when my perfect 4.0 GPA (yeah, I was an over-achiever then) was marred with my first B.  I remember that I felt as if the world was ending.  The worst part was that my family laughed at me--much like my husband laughed when I told him I didn't make the cut for the Wal-mart job.  (I will say in my family's defense that they laughed at me because that B was issued in an art class, pottery nonetheless.  I sucked at pottery.)  I guess I suck at greeting people, being rude and dismissive and chasing carts, much like the people at Walmart except they get hired to do it.  

I suppose I will have to keep looking.  On the bright side, I didn't receive a rejection from Safeway (yet).    

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  1. I didn't think you sucked at pottery...however Ic ant remember what you made:)I think you would be a wonderful door greeter:) I would be proud to tell my friends about your new career! I would be rolling on the floor dying of laughter while doing it but I would be proud of you nontheless.
    The right job will come Nikki. Have you tried Costco? I hear they are a very good company to work for.