So very True - Image by Anne Taintor

So very True - Image by Anne Taintor
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Job Search on Craigslist

So my usual morning routine is start a pot of coffee, take the kid to school, come home and start drinking said pot o' coffee while I peruse the want ads in the newspaper. Then I turn on the laptop and bring up Craigslist, followed by the local job service website;; the website of state jobs; monsterjobs; careerfinder; the montana trader; the APA website; the Floodplain Managers website and finally I do a google search.  Some days I find many jobs that fit the bill so I spend a few hours preparing application materials and send them off by noon when I take a shower and then go to the pizza restaurant with my husband and work with him for free.  Blah.  

Other days, I do all of the above only instead of finding anything interesting or realistically worth my while to apply for employment I find stupid thing or jobs that I would never ever apply for such as those listed below:  *Note if you can't read them, click on the image and it will get bigger as if by magic.

This first one was interesting as you can see from my comments however it was lacking any information what so ever.  I am not clear what the job is/was.  I don't want to apply for the job if it involves cleaning out septic tanks or working with smelly people in any way, shape or form.  I bet this announcement would have been much more successful with finding new employees if it would have included some information into what the job is....

Then there was this one:

I definitely do not ever want to be a sign holder or have to wave at traffic especially if I need to act HAPPY as it states.  Ick!

And Finally there was this one which is the one that pays the best and I may be qualified for:

The only problem with this one is that my husband might not like it if I am pregnant with someone else's baby. I thought a little about it but I may have to pass it up.  1) I'm not too clear if it means do I use drugs now or have I ever smoked a little green and 2) When I do the math compared with my old rate of pay when I had a fricking awesome job it just doesn't pan out.  Not that I am a job snob but only earning $25,000 for 9 months work that requires barfing, stretch marks, unreliable hormones, possibly hemorrhoids, pushing out a baby and the recovery time involved it just doesn't seem as hot as it did at first.

So, I guess I will keep looking.  Tomorrow I will be ready with my left-over half pot o' coffee (when one is unemployed it is very wasteful to throw out half a pot, just heat it up again. I no longer have enough money to be uppity like that.  Get over it.  You know you would do it too.)

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