So very True - Image by Anne Taintor

So very True - Image by Anne Taintor
I would like this on my very own business cards

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Once again I have been deemed as unqualified for a position where anyone with a half a brain could see that I could definitely do the job.  I understand that they may want someone with insurance experience however I can't even apply for the job through job service because it won't allow me to.  This is crap!  I am sure I would be very good at insurance processing.  Probably wouldn't like it but would be good nonetheless....  

So here it is for all to see.  My rejection on the job service website.  So very tired of this.  Here is the job service announcement.  I made sure to note those job duties in which I believe I could perform satisfactorily.  

The next screen is what comes up when I clicked on "How to Apply"

They should really revamp this job service site.  It sucks. I believe it may be running on a DOS platform.  The reason I believe this is that the skills/tools section (where these requirements are listed) only allows a person to check a certain number of items that they are capable of completing.  So if you want to a secretary position you also need to click "administrative" and "clerical" and "secretary" experience and then the skills you have.  This is tarded!  It should be much more comprehensive than this.  Maybe if the State of Montana had an unemployed person redesign the site it would actually work.  Obviously it was created by people with jobs - who want to keep their jobs by creating crappy web sites that will need to be maintained and tweeked constantly in order for them to feel needed.  -- Rant done now.  Sorry.

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