So very True - Image by Anne Taintor

So very True - Image by Anne Taintor
I would like this on my very own business cards

Friday, April 23, 2010

How Do You Think They Intended To Use the Word Intercourse?

Today I opened my email and was delighted to see that I had a response from my resume posted on CareerBuilder.  Finally!  Woo-hoo.  Upon close inspection of the email I found I had some lingering questions regarding the possibility to work out of the home so I sent a response email.  I am unsure if I will receive a reply to my inquiry.  I shall keep you posted.  Below is our correspondence.  I have highlighted that area of concern in the original email.  As the email did not have a signature, I sent the correspondence to the name of the person who sent the email. Have a Blessed Day!  *Note: I included screen shots as to verify the validity of this post. 

Dear Nicole 
Sirius Business Research LLC. EU Company is seeking an Operations Contractor. 100% Home Based opportunity is available in April 2010.
The Company renders risk management researches and consulting services for Iron and Steel Industry.

Descriptions include but are not limited to:
  • Cooperate and forwarding client on the Web, by phone or personally
  • Paper trail, records and accounting
  • Continuing education and training
  • Analyzing client's demands and requirements

Wages: $400+/week after short probation period.
  • Verbal and written intercourse skills
  • Computer skills(Internet, Office)

To apply please send this invitation on Dept.
Wagramer Str. 4
Hochhaus Neue Donau
Floor 7, office 708.
1220 Vienna, Austria
Sirius Business Research LLC.

Here is my reply:

Dear Priscilla:
In response to your email of April 23, 2010 I am bit concerned that this may not be a legitimate offer. Please reply to this email so I may verify the validity of your offer. As for the required skills, I have been told I am very adept with intercourse in many different manners including both written and verbal.  Whenever I am away from home I engage in verbal intercourse with my husband via telephone.  Sometimes we communicate in that manner via email.  Is this the skill you are looking for?  If so, I would be very interested if it involves my husband.  If not, then I am not interested in having verbal or written intercourse with anyone else.  I made a vow when I got married to be true to one person. Engaging in intercourse with others appears to void this arrangement.

If your email refers to verbal and written skills pertaining to office correspondence then I do believe I am interested.  Please let me know in which manner you are referencing intercourse.  I do not have any interest in becoming one of those phone operators on a 1-976 phone number even if it is a home based business.


  1. I got the same email. It totally cracked me up! Good luck in your job hunting. I'm in the same boat.

  2. They read your blog. The one I got today uses this list:
    * Produce high results and meet account specifications.
    * Maintain effective communication with the chief manager and a customer.
    * Coordinate and Manage customer's regords, accounting and other routine tasks
    * Must be experienced on Microsoft Office with emphasis on Excel and Word, and in general working with computers.
    * High school diploma required.
    * College degree prefered but not required.
    * Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  3. Got the same offer. I'm leary about any work at home offer when the employer is based outside the U.S.

  4. i got thesame email too!!!! was not sure so i had to check it up and I saw this thread!!

  5. Yall let me know if you actually take the job..I recieved the same email too

  6. I recieved the same e-mail. I googled the company and the only other thing that comes up besides your blog is some guy saying they hijacked his e-mail somehow. I deleted the e-mail.

  7. Here is the latest up to date version these scammers are trying through CB: (Dated: 5/4/10)
    "Sirius BR" LLC. is a high-level executive, of risk management researches and consulting services. Our continued growth in the iron and steel world markets is requiring us to seek individuals who have a strong business abilities. Our business model has led us to a great success, related to company growth and staff satisfaction.

    We are looking for a dynamic, responsible Operations Contractor on home based position.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Produce professional results and meet account details.
    Maintain effective communication with the activation manager and a customer.
    Coordinate and Manage customer's regords, accounting and other routine tasks
    Must be proficient on Microsoft Office with emphasis on Excel and Word, and in general working with PC.
    High school diploma required.
    College degree prefered but not required.
    Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    Income: 450+ a week + bonuses after short-term probationary period .

    For more information please apply to

    Hr. Dept.
    Wagramer Str.4
    Floor 6, office 612.
    1220 Vienna, Austria
    Sirius BR Llc.

  8. I received that email today also. Would love to know if anyone hears anything about this company. Nikki, your response was so funny. Thanks for cracking me up this morning!

  9. So I also received the same email, responded, and set up an account with them. They ask that you make money transfers to clients for them, using your own bank account. I'm to curious as to why the website seems legit but no one seems to be able to find anything out about them, so I've set up a bank account to try doing a transfer for them and see what happens. If its a scam, they stand to gain nothing as there is no money in the account and they have no link to personal info (no cc, no ssn). I'll let you know what happens...

  10. Another bullshit waste of time from idiots in Europe.

  11. I received an email from this source about a month ago and reported it to CareerBuilder as a potential scam due to the fact that they require respondents to open a business or personal bank account in order to transfer funds for them. I guess CareerBuilder didn't see due cause to investigate it because I received the most recent version of their offer a few days ago. I have not responded to "Sirius BR" in any way and have no intention of doing so.

  12. Anyone receiving email from Sirius BR LLC should go to's page on "Money-Laundering and Re-shipping Scams". You could be legally liable for laundering stolen money, or you could be charged by your bank for depositing their "rubber" paychecks or just have your entire bank account wiped out. Go to