So very True - Image by Anne Taintor

So very True - Image by Anne Taintor
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zilch, Zero, Zip

How is it possible that there are no decent jobs out there?  Certainly with unemployment this high, good employers realize that now is the time to fire sucky employees and hire really good ones to replace them for lower wages.  You know what I mean too.  Everyone has worked with that person who made the other co-workers wonder how that person every possibly got hired.  Who did they know?  Who did they do? The irony...

I am still searching diligently however this week the only new jobs have been for cleaning positions or bill collectors.  I most definitely do not want to be a bill collector.  I do not like them.  At all.  As for a hotel cleaner, no.  House cleaner, no.  I don't even like to clean my own home.  Although, if I was guaranteed a killer vacuum like the one shown I may consider it...

I did have an interview this week and I think it went positively.  It is hard to gauge that sometimes as I have never really had to interview.  I have been rather lucky that way.  My first job was found after 2 interviews that was 17 years ago.  I then transferred departments and didn't have to interview for subsequent positions there.  They just asked me if I would like to have a better job.  I said yes.  

Then I moved to Idaho.  That was some slim pickins back then.  I remember that was frustrating.  I didn't really look that hard. I was only actively searching for a month or so with maybe 3 interviews before I found the next job.  I had a typing test.  I remember that part.  I had to format a letter that had errors.  I passed.  I got the job.  Then after 3 years I left that full-time job to go to college.  The department head of another department asked me to work for him part-time while I went to college.   So I did.  I graduated college.   They gave me a better job.  Then another better job opened up there.  This is how that interview went "Do you want the job, if so, it is yours.  You have 24 hours to let me know."  I said yes.  

After a few years of that I decided it was time to move.  I went on-line and looked up the flathead valley and happened to find the job listing for my job that I just lost due to budget cuts.  I applied. I interviewed.  I got the job.  It was the only job I applied for at that time.    Now I am looking again.  I sure hope it gets easier soon.  I am not digging the interviewing part of the job search.  I am always afraid I will do something embarrassing like that dreaded feeling on a date when you accidentally fart....

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